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About Amania Saluste founder and Artist of the Art Word Boutique.

My name is Amania Saluste, for as long as I could remember words have always been a part of me. I remember as a young girl I always had a book in my hand. I was very shy and somehow the books and the characters that I read about became more like friends than characters in a book. I would get lost in stories and in the words. As I got older I started writing on my own and I never really shared my work for me it was just putting my thoughts down. 

I knew that writing would be a part of who I would be come but I was not sure how. As the years pass life took me in a different direction and whatever I was going to do with my writing was put to the side. I never stopped writing but I was not actively doing anything with what I was writing. As we all know time waits for no man and the years kept passing me by and life just kept moving but I was not growing as a person. So I started to revisit the work that was put away in bins and boxes and started to think about who I was and what I wanted. So of course I discovered my passion and that of course is my writing and the power of words. 

I want the word to be a weapon in your arsenal use it wisely. Use it to fight off evil and those pesky enemies, and friendemies. I want the words to make you laugh out loud, make you smile or even blush. Let the words convey a feeling you want to share with someone, I want the words to boast self-esteem, and I want the words to help motivate people to do the things that they want to do. I want the words to make you proud of whom you are. I want the words to help people remember good times and the bad times as well. 

Give the gift of words, to friends, family, kids, lovers, yourself and anyone you think will benefit.